Hope into Action - an Update

The following mesage has beenreceived from Ed Walker of Hope Into Action.

We’re delighted to announce that last week we opened our 40th home (!!) (in Wolverhampton). 

After moving someone in this week we (and partner churches) are now supporting 100 tenants every night! Our highest ever total.

Each home is in partnership with a church who commit to walk alongside the tenants as they journey through a new chapter in their lives.  

40 homes! (14 for women). 

100 tenants!

10 cities!

35 churches in partnership!

Over 50 people who have invested!

£8.5million (!) of wealth shared with the poor (via investing in homes for the homeless).

 The vision, of people sharing their wealth with the poor and churches providing homes, welcome, friendship and love to those that need it most, is becoming a reality in more and more neighbourhoods:

So  thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way - support, love, prayer, investment and money.   We couldn’t have done it without you.  Each one of those 40 homes feels like a miracle with its own unique story bringing together investors, churches and people experiencing homelessness.   

Sometimes listening to our tenants is one of the most healthy things we can do. Here is a comment from one of the 250 attendees at our recent conference:
“the stand-out moment for me was the lightbulb clarity of the statement by one of the tenants that churches need to show people (as Jesus did) that they are loved and precious now, in the midst of their mess, not wait until they have sorted it out to welcome and engage with them.”

And from Jonathan Aitken  - former Cabinet minister:
“I was moved to the point of feeling quite emotional by the wonderful work that the charity does.  Those testimonies and many conversations I had during the day all made me see your vision is doing a great Christian service and helping the lives of many vulnerable people.
The model you are using is a brilliant conception.  Please keep up the good work.” 
Thanks Jonathan – we’ll try.

So in this time after Easter, do continue to pray for new life for all those connected with Hope into Action. 

We would also ask for prayer for our finances. We ended last financial year down at a time we need to increase our expenditure to cover recent and future expansion. (Click here if you felt able to donate).

Thanks once again for all the support,


Ed and everyone at Hope into Action 

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